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Women trainer is soo gud.... Friendly atmosphere...gud ambience
V. Priya, India
This has been my first ever gym experience and I'm most triumphant by my exposure to this world of fitness. I had been always lacking confidence to come out of the box and expose my talent just because of my body image but it's no more the same, I Wold love to express my deepest gratitude to viram fitness in this regard. And my most projecting thankfulness to my trainer Miss. Keerthi who has been super motivating in my whole journey of loosing weight and becoming stronger and finding my true self. I joined this gym at the very crucial time of my schooling but my trainer always helped me relieve the stress and find my potential. It still feels utopian to believe that I have come down to 70kg from 85kg. I would love to express my extreme happiness and satisfaction to this gym and the best trainer here Miss. Keerthi for being most supportive and understanding. Thank you Viram fitness.
Jayasri, India
I am so happy and satisfied that I have joined a right Gym at Pondicherry. I had a great experience with Mr Bala sir who was my personal trainer. He is very perfect with his training schedules. His way of teaching with patience and perseverance is commendable. He teaches according to my flexibility and strength. He trained me in such way that I could reduce 5 Kg in a month. I am so happy with the result and I thank Bala sir for his positivity and enthusiasm. I'm highly satisfied with the gym's infrastructure, sanitization, hygienic, well equipped machineries and locker room.
Dr.R.Uma, Pondicherry
I attended this GYM and I feel satisfied on working here . I was trained by my trainer J. Nandhini and was abele to loss my weight. And the GYM is very equipped and I feel very happy thanku viram witness
Love this gym. Will recommend it to everybody. Considerable weight loss within a month.
S. Sesha Adhittya, Puducherry
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