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It was good feeling to enter the "vairam fitness gym"...all equipment's were branded... i join the gym for the reason strengthening muscle and increase stamina... i got the result within 1 month... i really stunned thanks to trainee.....
''viaram fitness'' the best fitness studio in whole pondicherry.....such a fit experince i had seriously.....if we want to care for our body and keep ourself fit better to come ''viaram fitness''.........being from other state ''viaram fitness'' cared for me alot and they also gave me such an beautiful photo frame with my friends;;; and trainer...feeling blessed that i spend my vacation time in pondicherry and utilised my time in ''viaram fitness''...........perfectly well trained trainers and such and beautiful atmosphere here i saw .....every one is being so cooperative here esp. the receptionist here ...ok i think i am done with my review now ;-) ...taking such a beautiful memories from here ...thankyou
Mehreen, Puducherry
A superb gym, air conditioned, very well equipped and always clean. Perfect to keep fit all year long in a pleasant atmosphere. I highly recommend.
Damien, Pondichery
It was such a beautiful experience to be in vairam fitness... My trainer was so dedicated to me for my fitness... It was good atmosphere to be here..... Nice guidance staff was very friendly, blessed to be here...... I got best result here within 1 month...thank u soo much....
Afrizbena, Puducherry
I joined gym at the month of February with 110 kg. at the end of feb i was 103kg. I reduced 7 kg within a month with a great effort and enthusiasitic training care by my trainer tamizh and the diet chart prepared by my Dietitian. I feel flexible and i can feel that i am reducing my weight. the ambience of the gym is excellent to see andto workout. My trainer and Dietitian always encourageed me at all situations.
Kalaivanan, Puducherry
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